Reviews for "tankmen christmas"

it didnt feel as tho you thought this out.

yea dude... take longer than a week to work on em.. if your tired of doin this take a couple weeks off and take a break. I'd rather see your good stuff that takes 2 weeks to a month than something that feelss as tho it was slapped together.

Horsenwelles responds:

i was going to, but today is Christmas (we.... in 2 minutes its over :P)

and i wanted to keep the idea of the submission date corresponding to the movie


that zeekys guys a dork/douchebag. You rock keep um coming

Horsenwelles responds:

dont insult other users.... no matter how much of a dildo biting assmunch he is, its still against the rules.



was meh ill give you effort tho MC


thats messed up but funny, the tankman killed santa lol
n santas ride killed his pal steve

Its alright

Well the only thing that I would suggest is making the voices better because it sunds a little stateky. Also the graphics could get a little better. Still great job, keep it up, and Merry Christmas! :]

Horsenwelles responds:

it wasnt easy doing the voicework, and i tried the best i could, but i understand