Reviews for "tankmen christmas"

better than halloween

the audio had a lot of static, and the tank was all white

Horsenwelles responds:

???? the tank was drawn by me. there was black in it.

is your comp screwing up or something?

not bad

i'm not sure of what think about that... it was good but the audio was very bad

Horsenwelles responds:

the audio was better than halloween

one question....

are you makeing tankmen chirstmas 2?

Horsenwelles responds:

could be.... maby next christmas.... thanks for reviewing!

PS: no santa..... how am i supposed to make another christmas joke without insulting christians?.... ok, il make a prequil :P

that was brilliant!!!!1



Horsenwelles responds:

thanks man. glad to hear people enjoy my work :)


Gonna make any more?

Horsenwelles responds:

i just might :)

just suggest a holiday, and ill see i i can make one in time :)