Reviews for "tankmen christmas"


I must say;this is kinda cool! 10/10!

Horsenwelles responds:

i must say... thanks

i liked it...

i actually liked this flash... then again ive never seen a single tankmen flash, besides this. best thing of yours ive watched so far.

Horsenwelles responds:

thanks.... but it is my best scoring.... i wouldnt say "best"...

and thanks for liking it

it was ok

you tryed too muche to make it feel like the real tankmen

Horsenwelles responds:

mmmhmmm..... that review diddnt make me want to do anything though....

uhhh.... the 3 sucks man....


This isn't funny its just plain stupid. my advice: don't try so hard to be funny; it'll only end up being stupid.

Horsenwelles responds:

wow..... your not insulting me right? cuz i took that as an insult.

and you aren't convincing me


better than some

move your mouth away from the microphone a bit, you can increase volume once it is on your computer

its johnny utah, not jhonny utah

Horsenwelles responds:

eh.... ok.... i know it wasnt jhonny, i just started this kind of thing with the halloween edition...