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Reviews for "Planet of Robots 2"


I remember watching your first last year
Very nice but it would be much better longer!
And please dont make us wait a year for number 3 :D

Morgan responds:

24th December 2007. Thanks!
Altough it will most probelly a year until the next one... Im thinking of wrapping things up in the 3rd of the triology. Altough the question is how to formulate the story for next year. I mean, the planet has been blown up twice now. It's not even a planet anymore really.... I should have called it "The Debris of what used to be a Planet of Robots".
Anyway, set your alarm. Same time, next year.

EDIT. 24th December 2009. Here I am two years since this responce was posted and no Planet of Robots 3. Good lord. It seems I have broken my promise.

It shall be made one day. Even if it is just to satisfy myself, it shall be made.