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Reviews for "PALADIN: the Game"


This is the BEST game i have played on this site, awsome job!!!!!!!!

three words blown away awsomely!!!!

well there the only three words to describe it i mean it was one of the best rpgs iv played maybe one of the bestest iv played im ggonna favorite this


Well, this game it's just... Awesome. I wish it was a bit longer, just a bit :P Oh, man, please make more games like this one! :D
To the people that bitch about how "hard" the game it is, or that they can't use spells, etc. I have something to tell you: Use your brain! The game isn't hard at all (well, only if you play it in HARD). To kill the archers, just use your shield! Aproach when they are "reloading", then jump and slash'em up, or something. Or fly, or Turn'em! With the necromancer, just dodge the bolts, use your shield, then attack (Power Attack is the key here). Repeat.
The monk, oh, the monk. Dodge! Go "up" or "down" when he is trying to reach you, jump or whatever. You don't have any "spells"? Well, Power Attack works as an spell, so use it!
Ah, and if you can't run the game, do NOT give a bad score. It's not the author's fault, you know?

PS: Well, sorry if I've made you cry blood with my bad english T_T


fucking A man, this game kicked ass! XD

This is THE GAME.

you rule...hands down.