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Reviews for "PALADIN: the Game"

Highest rating of dem all!
Dude, you guys made a pretty good job. It's not an ass-long flashgame and you rly feel that it shouldn't be like this. The story is deep but not too deep, it's simple and easy to understand and I RLY love this moonwalk animation if you run backwards. The Sound and the game itself is all kinda oldschool and I rly love that. It's hard sometimes and the end is so damn hard man. I record my play on my youTube Channel and linked the game so more guys can check this out.
5/5 Stars, I am absolutely impressed!

Right now I'm only giving 3 stars, but that may very well go up since I only got though Stage One at present. This game has everything one would come to expect from a top notch RPG: Engaging story, a lone hero on a quest to purge the world of evil, a wise cracking companion (albeit a talking crow).

The one and only gripe I have is just a minor one. I know that the default button tie for your attack is the RMB click, I HATE having to do that since I don't have much movement in my right arm anymore due to an accident so I love the fact that you can change the button commands, it's A LOT easier for me to just use keyboard controls.

I know you have to use the mouse to turn around and I'm fine with that but I also noticed that the mouse position also dictates at what height you swing your sword at. I actually died from one of those zombie dogs in the first stage because my sword strikes were going above them.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to do this...but if at all possible if someone chooses to use all keyboard controls in the options menu to move and attack see if you can have the game "auto-correct" so that you can hit enemies that are either man sized or lower to the ground--like the dogs--without having to make minor adjustments with the mouse. Other than that you have a stellar game her and I'm surprised it took me this long to find it, I'm going to be putting quite a few of hours into this one.

Thank you in advance if you can find anyway to accommodate my suggestion.

A classic,what else could can i say.

I'm a huge fan of Paladins in D&D games, and I love the way this game portrays the character, his divine connection and his mission.

I love this game, but is a little hard, in my view point...