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Reviews for "PALADIN: the Game"

I like that style, it reminds me of old games, the gameplay I liked, yes, but I did not mix at all darling, the fights against bosses were very hilarious, the enemies and the difficult way that is a huge nightmare! that's why darling, I give you my vow of faith, 4 stars!

I admit the cutscenes were too long. Then again, you are a great artist! I can't seem to get some of the controls down. It's probably just my cheap laptop. The music is very nice. I don't know what the PG means.

Is that the rating for these songs? Well, they seem PG to me. I'm not that much into RPGs, but this was still very nice. I really am becoming more open to RPGs. I guess there's just so many of them.

***SPOILER*** Does the speed stat still has effect when Auron is wounded ? ( near boss fight ) ***SPOILER *** Otherwise, i really love this game.

Great game... Too bad it's ruined by the fight with the priest...

I was playing on hard so I lost all my progress whilst fighting him.

what i can say? I saw this game on 2007,when he was here and got frontpaged,and i still play since that day,one of the best rpgs on newgrounds,so much history, the ending is so sad,but that's the fact of a paladin ;)