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Reviews for "PALADIN: the Game"

yes, the controls just dont do it for me at all, it takes the concentration out of the game so you cant enjoy what is going on or advance in the game itself.

anyhow, the music goes really well with the game its got a feel to it

everything else is on point really

i even love how even though you have text the person it is actually speaks it anyway! that would be good for people whom are deaf too so thats very thoughtful!

Wow nice

The game is really good some very nice and intense scenes very good visual and this game has alot going on that's pretty good game and I like the style of it seems like you put some heavy stuff into the game and that's what I like so nice job here indeed hope you make more like this

Pretty intense game no changes needed


I started watching jazza on youtube and after finding out he had a newgrounds i made an account and booted on the game because i was pumped. never played or seen the cartoon or comic or whatever but i love this game

its great that you thought about all these different ways of using different controls so people can find their own feel of control but i would rather simple so i can just crack on with the game. Also is there a way that i can use the attack button on letters instead? it only shows two different options for the attack part.

the music is calming

love the quality and colours goes with the old times look

the whole looking with the mouse is really hard though dont like that specially when you are trying to attack

Another classic I remember from childhood. I loved the game play and art style. It made me proud to see the young hero advance as he pulls the sword from the stone. I'm just playing this for nostalgia and fun.