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Reviews for "PALADIN: the Game"

Amazing story. i would had wished the game had been longer but that was a great story.

amazing.good fuckin job worth every minute

Always Awesome Game Thanks
This Game Now And Forever my Favorite game

What a great intro, it gave some nice back story and was very entertaining. The only problem with it was the lip syncing was off a tad. Controls are very smooth and reactive. Even on low quality this looks amazing! I find the first mission ridiculously hard since I got the potion and thinking q was quality hit q before the little instruction said q was potion. In the beginning when it was showing me the basics I would look away and the instructions would be gone and I would be lost so some more time to look would be nice. When you first encounter an enemy that music is pretty epic and fitting. I would've mentioned how good the art is but Jazza did it so it is obviously good! Fighting is very laggy.

good news! full cheats! bad news:( I die nooooooooooooo!