Reviews for "Terrorist Bloopers!"


funny, need american lighter!! lol


Hell funny but Hell Short LoL

and wat is that dot that scrolls down at the credit screen??

i expected it to be a bomb xD 5/5 10/10

Shittywall responds:

Ah, that was a little snowflake that I forgot to delete in the updated SWF. Haha, sorry

Oh noes

I need new pants :< 5starz!

Simply fucking awesome

I would give you eleven stars if that was possible, that has gotta be one of the funniest fuckin videos ever!

i dont enter

dude this is the devil it self
i dont choose a side becauise it is funny and kut (dit is voor de nederlanders)
so i dont choose a side beacause it sucks man

Shittywall responds:

ya wha?