Reviews for "Terrorist Bloopers!"


It wasfunny but u could have made it longer and it would be great to have a seq.

Too short....

While it was quite funny, it was a little too short. Good plash and such but yea I really dont know how it made front page, no offense.

Shittywall responds:

It didn't make the front page...?



dude AWSOME!!! make a sequel


dude, that was awsome!!! lol

Ha ha, Awesome!

How'd you use Kenny VS Spenny sound? Did you record it from an episode? Anyways, that was really funny. Only 2 days, impressive. could have been a bit longer though.

Shittywall responds:

I used a program called Cool Edit Pro. I downloaded the .AVI version of the episode, then I extracted the audio from the video. =]