Reviews for "RoughtitsMetaljonus"


what a rihim!(5/5,10/10)i like it a lot! keep on this way dude!

There is some of your epic metal

I've missed riffage like from 1:54 onward... The stuff that just feels uplifting and makes you want to head bang at the same time. Good stuff dude, keep it metal \m/

Cool man.

It's really different with the softer stuff in the background of those crushing riffs.
Would make really excellent fight music for something.

The bends through the riffs were my favorite parts. Very dark.

Interesting change, fit really well. Transitions are pretty cool man. Like to really see were you go with this, since it is just "rough". haha.

Thanks for letting play your guys' tune on our radio show. We got lots of good feedback, and you can still listen to it on our podomatic or blogspot pages. Let me know if you need the links. ;)

Current Score

4.09 / 5.00 (+ 0.19)

JonSantiago responds:

Ya this has some cool riffs but non that are really keepers in my opinion. I just recorded something to work on my tones and drums and overall mixing. I like the podcast man! The guys dug it too maybe we can make a trip up there and play for ya'll one day!


some cool riffage going on here. the whole contrast thing around 1:53 is pretty damn excellent, works really well. i like the structure in this bitch. well done so far, enjoying it.

JonSantiago responds:

thx dude!