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Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 2"

Marry me....

This goes way way beyond the most mental thing I can possibly ever hope to imagine, let alone bring to life as an animation, I love you.

Are you spoken for?

Okey Dokey

Oh my! I certainly won't be letting my kids watch this. I think someone over there needs a hug ;)

Delving Depths Unknown

I've lurked NG for about a year, but decided to become a voting member just so I could comment on this flash. The term "art on the verge of obscenity" comes to mind, except twisted to be "obscenity on the verge of art". Except, this obscenity has achieved "art" status, in my opinion.

The "obscenity" would be the parts dealing with the downward spiral of the human condition (not The Littles fornicating ... they were just part of the vehicle used to help convey the overall message that Alfred is one messed up puppy). Seeing someone's sanity go is disturbing, but most movies or what-not don't have the impact this piece does; they don't have the balls to show it for the psychopathic orgasm of fear, self-loathing and hate that it can be.

A psychologist would have a field day analyzing Alfred, since he seems to suffer from almost every disorder under the sun (multiple personality disorder [which was more apparent in The Rise of Alfred], schizophrenia, ADHD, dementia, abandonment issues, bipolar / manic-depressive, etc). Alfred displays a sort of "buzzed fatigue", much like a meth addict who's been up a week straight, wanting to sleep but simply can't since they're so wired until they finally collapse from physical exhaustion. And even then, their mind doesn't rest since it's still going...leading to a downward spiral of dementia due to lack of mental rest.

While folks are complaining about the "simplistic" art & sound, it actually helps convey the inner workings of Alfred. You are seeing Alfred through his own eyes; you are hearing him through his own ears. And...it's not pretty at times, which I believe is what Emily was shooting for. You are not supposed to "like" this flash from a "ZOMG, that was a sweet fight-scene!" or "ZOMG, that was teh lulz" perspective. Actually, I'm not sure if "like" can even be used for this type of flash. It's more to be respected for the depth of character-study and how it does it so well, where-as other flashes fall amazingly short in their development and inner workings of the main character.

This is the type of art that can seemingly only be done by an artist who is also suffering from what the main character is suffering from (hence the ability to convey it so well), or an artist who happens to be very lucky and/or gifted in character study and conveyance to do so without they themselves having to suffer from it. I found myself as fascinated with Alfred as I was with Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs, because unlike other flashes, he's not two-dimensional. It's an intriguing challenge to see what makes him tick.

Two thumbs up.

again interesting

if you are anything similar to alfred, which i am pretty sure you are, i would love to treat you but not with meds.


Absolutely love the Gushing insanity that comes off this movie, more specifically Alfred. I'm a fan of Giygas (regardless if you know him or not) and He's a freaky fucker. This movie is disturbing and I love that aspect, especially seeing more or less how he got this way watching "rise of Alfred".

I'd do a Fan art fusing Alfred with Giygas, and was about to till I got blocked from e621 for a ridiculous reason hehe, all the admins there seem to have the judgment of an infant. Never the less I keep watching these! >:n