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Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 2"

very good.

I used to think salad fingers was the one of the best portrayals of paranoid schizophrenia on this site. I was wrong. This is so confusing and hectic that it makes me feel like I'm the crazy one. Good job.


This is by far the funniest thing ever made on Newgrounds.

It was creepy...

i thought it was funny.... but u really do seem to be goin a bit insane.... but then again so might i.... and i didnt know 120+ was good.... half the ppl i hang out w/ get that kinda score >.>

I cry when I masturbate =D

It's like a bad trip you want to stop. You want to just sleep and wake up and be better..but you know if you wake up and it's over it will be the real world again full of thoughtless and frantic idiots who only care about themselves and do anything to take advantage of them for nothing..even if it degrades both parties and.. maybe I'm just talking about myself.


I'm greatly worried about your mental condition.