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Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 2"


Your a very strange girl.

Terrible sound

The sound really annoyed me. The rest was ok, animations and art was decent but it seemed rushed later on with less animation and more switching places.


It had really good animation, but it left me feeling weird, or something. Very strange but animation looked good.


well, this piece of * was very well designed. I mean that * got my attention. Also I was eating while watching that...

I liked the nudity stuff. The rest was good, but in some other way. Well, it was really well made, whatever it was. My english isn´t very good so I didn´t understood all. But it looks like it made sense. Something about a dog and his confused mind. Very expressive. I am glad I have seen it :) Mostly very good drawings.

Sweet mother...

That was awesome.
Animation was pretty good, and the rest was... well weird.
But great.

I'll be waiting for part 3.