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Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 2"

......u ruined me

OMG U scared my cousin...he watched it with me and anyway i thought it was the most distirbing thing i have EVER seen



WHAT are u guys on about!? this flash is for stoners! you need 2 be high whilst watching. makes me laugh.

most disterbing thing ever

no more flash like this man im twisted in a lot of ways but wow that was just plain grade a crazy! you seem to have the ablity to do well and i hope that you will do less crazy and more story in your flash latter on.

Oh dear.

I usually pride myself in well constructed, useful criticism and praise, yet it may prove to be the most difficult review to properly formulate. I'm very sorry to say that this was quite the 0/10. If anything, this should be rated adult, not mature. I have never actually felt nauseous after viewing a flash, and never thought it possible, but I stand corrected.

i really didn't like it

just not my type of movie. and im the 200th person the review this movie