Reviews for "Super Goo"


In the secound level i fell through the ground and i could move around but i just couldn't get up but when i moved over to the spikes i could get up but i died.

Realle good, keep it up!

Really nice platform game. Good overall, and no lag. Easy to find out. I especially loved the weapon menu, inspired from Ratchet and Clank. If i should point at anything. You could, instead of unlocking weapons, buy them. That would be much better, :) But i enjoyed and played it a bit. 9/10 4/5

Nice work!

Great game! I especially liked the green blobby shots. *imitates green blobby gun firing and the shots exploding, then imitates enemy dieing*. There was only one little bitty thing that bugged me. When I unlocked that rocket gun (the fourth one) i thought to myself, "Awesome! Rockets! They must make a pretty sweet explosion." But when i used them, they just fly out and when they hit an enemy, they simply vanish. You could imagine my disapointment to see that the rockets were actually duds. Could you maybe make a little "kaboom" for the rockets to make it cooler? Cause if you did, then this game would equal pure win. ^-^

lautan responds:

I'll be sure to add more explosions and carnage in the sequel just for you!

4/5 (potential for 5)

a very good game. love the rpg shooter concept. i wanted to give a 5 but too many things to add :(. 1. you have a reload rate thing on the gun stats,but ( i think it might be a glitch) most guns can just fire full automatically. 2. Graphics. were good i rate 4/5( everybody needs to work on graphics) but add physics instead of the like u jump he goes up 2 boxes with upgrade its 3 boxes. 3. keep the exp thing but add a shop for the weapons instead of just getting it on some levels. and maybe buy more exp (and maybe armor?) 4. the grenade laucher was kinda dumb and suks (maybe would be better without the glitch) Overall very fun game.5. BETTER AI!!! really just moving ones and maybe a boss

IF you decide to make a sequal jut keep the same thing goin just add more weapons enemys perks obsticles etc. (oh just thinkin, maybe meelee weapon?)Maybe make it so u buy wich perks u want in stead of just gettin them with weapons. if you make better AI, then try adding a deathmatch mode were u pik up weapons and fight another gooman and them team things liek 2v2 3v3 type thing


nice, but...

what, (in the game's perspective) is near death? "the secret" perc is not very descriptive... other than that nice!