Reviews for "Super Goo"


im like torbor it wont let me have a mother gucking name >=(........lol jk dude great game *thumbs up*

um torbor your stupid

LOVE THIS GAME!! :D i agree with poomonpie a color change would ROCK and double tap makes it impossible to keep ammo even with comserve oh and tarbor play before you comment :D

i like super goo

it was addictive and fun to play, well done


not my favorite game of yours...you should also make arrow keys available... I like levelable everythings...lol...but just not as good as your other games...


I remember testing this game for you, and the only improvements possible are basically:

1. I still stand by my comment that Double Shot eats up ammo, even with conserve.

2. Goo color change, I like green, but a blue goo would rock!