Reviews for "Krowe - Juggernaut"

awesome but

at the break off around :58 i think the build could have been a bit stronger and after that second break after the build i feel that the entrance could have hit a lot harder

UncleSqueezins responds:

I agree, but I can't change it now. Its been used in a flash :/

Hmmm dubstep.

I'm really starting to get into this Dubstep genre. I like!

UncleSqueezins responds:

You should listen to more of it :D


This piece has a nice clean feel, while stile being very DARK. A lot of dubstep artists abuse distortion to the point where the song just becomes annoying. The pad synths kinda make this work.

One thing that could use some work is the drop. The song doesn't build up quickly enough. I was a little confused at the 0:50-1:00 mark. I was starting to worry about the possibility that there wasn't going to be a drop. And then when it came, I was, well, dissapointed. All that build for no big drop. What I would suggest is to have your drop come immediately after the two synth stabs at 1:22 (or thereabouts) and make that mother trucker BIG. I'm talking a 4 octave fall right into your acid wobbles. make sure it bottoms the 50 Hz mark or below so that you get a good 'full' sound. It makes people with subs (like me) very happy. Oh, and make sure to continue with the aggressive low drones for the rest of the song. You don't want a huge drop with a lame and relaxed ending. A good way to understand what i mean is to pretend you're holding a softball sized orb in your hand, and flex every mucle in our hand creating a hell of a lot of tension. Done it? Ok, that's what your bass should sound like! (if that makes any sense.)

On a more complimentary note, your opening is superb! (0:00 to 0:30) Kudos!

If you fix the drop, and make the middle-end of your song more tense, this song will kick chuck norris' ass straight into 3 weeks ago. Just my opinion. Keep it up!

UncleSqueezins responds:

I'm trying my best to understand what you're talking about regarding the drop, but I can't. The drop IS at 1:22 :P But I agree with the whole "needs to be heavier" thing. I went over that in a lot of other responses to comments.

Glad you enjoyed it, though :)

Fooled me with that drop.

haha I just recently got into dubstep so my knowledge of it isn't great. But I like this.

UncleSqueezins responds:

Dubstep is awesome...you should listen to more of it :D

beautyful song :)

u have talent dude keep making like that :)

UncleSqueezins responds:

I plan to :)