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Reviews for "Xmas Game Collab 07"


this wasnt that good, all the games looked as if nobody had bothered, i cant imagin this on alot of peoples faves


Suh-weet, alot are very good

FlukeDude responds:

Thanks very much. :)

Merry x-mas

Good work! I recomend this game to everyone i know and merry christmas to the makers!

Awesome Collab!

This should get front page like the Halloween Collab 07!


It wasn't bad, but there were a few thinks that really bugged me about this...

1) The layout on the menu was really awkward, you don't know which presents play what game without rolling over them.

2) When you open a present, it opens slowly, and suddenly goes to the mini-game.

3) Because of this 'suddeness', the music changes without warning too, which was a major put-off when B0UNC3's song came off :( (It was good, but it didn't suit the game at all, and it was damn loud).

4) The games that I played didn't have a back button, and on souled's game, no matter how much I died, it didn't take me to a menu, just restarted the game, as if to say "You're stuck here now >:D!", the only way out of that game was to re-open the flash >_<.


That aside, the games that I played were really fun concepts, some of them could use some work on the graphics, and you could probably use some transitions between menus and music.

Not bad, good job, keep it up everyone :).

Merry christmas!

FlukeDude responds:

Well there was a last minute rush to sort out the menu, and each present had some sort of relevance to the game. Though if I had more time I would have probably added those things. (whats wrong with being stuck in my game? I know you all love it. :D)

Thanks for the review, and Merry Christmas!