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Reviews for "Xmas Game Collab 07"

Merry whatever.

A collection of minigames with Christmas themes? Sounded fun. But that's the only good thing I can truly say. Let's examine all the aspects of your uber failage, shall we?

Repetitive music, crappy tree and the presents drop every time. That really gets annoying.

1) Santa On The Run
Lacking length, lacking depth, lacking enemies, lacking skill, lacking any sort of ending for finding the cave... in the clouds... on level 2. Funny idea, though.

2) Sleigh Slider
Mouse Avoider clone with rocks that follow, not just move from the sides of the screen. Bad idea. Plus, it just looks bad, especially the title screen for it.

3) Santa's Pwnage Path
Seen it, done it. Nothing new... except for the glitch in moving from level to level. You don't advance 1 level, you advance by 12 or something. And why is Santa getting shot by missles? Oh, that's right, because his game sucks!

4) Snow Catch
A retarded clone of all those ball-and-paddle games... but you catch balls, because the creator had no clue how to make something bounce. There's nothing to avoid, so there's nothing to stop you from moving the paddle back and forth at the top of the screen to collect everything without danger.

5) Magic Sleigh Down
Funny name, mediocre game. It's a clone of all those helicopter games where you hold the mouse to go higher. Whoop-de-doo. No skill involved. I think the only good part of this game was watching Santa die. I did it at least 20 times on purpose.

6) Tower Shooter
Ripoff of all those defense games, minus the waves of enemies. Shoot at all the turrets before they shoot you? Retarded. You could've had gremlins run down from the top of the screen or something, and had mouse controls, but no... you wanted to shoot other turrets. In defense games, you stop something from getting past, not shooting you too.

7) Elf Run
Once you get the hang of the needless speed, it's just too easy... except for the fact that the playing field is too small at some point to actually play this Snake clone. In fact, you admit it's a clone in the description. I say make either the field larger or the elf and presents smaller.

8) Chimney Shoot
Seen it before, but this wasn't actually half bad. Except for the item switch buttons. Change it to 1 button to toggle and have an icon at the top reminding which you have out: coal or present.

9) Present Catch
So... it's Snow Catch, but with a time limit, limited movement, and the sleigh slides. Still no bad things to avoid. You just ripped off a game in your own collab... congratulations.

10) Present Factory
I just was never good at that sort of game, so I failed miserably. But also it was because I was confused whether it was the color ribbon or the box that determined which present to drop in. Change all the boxes to white and have different-colored ribbons.

If you think that this can stay up on the front page for long, y'all can lick my ball... ornament.


Anyway, F-. 0/10. I really wish you could give negative stars.

FlukeDude responds:

So you would blam this, give it negative stars and treat it like we'd all drawn scribbles and said HAI LIKE OUR DRWINGZZZ???

I have to say this is the most ridiculous review I've ever read. Maybe if you started doing Flash yourself you'd understand the difficulties and pains of making a game, the challenge of creating something original amongst the thousands out there, putting it all together in an interactive and well presented menu.

Your lack of understanding sickens me. Did you get any presents this year? I guess not.


The games are your basic boring concepts with a Christmas makeover. Nothing original whatsoever. Get some new concepts (and some new control schemes, yipes) and come back :P

we're almost in 2008 you know

how come games like those are still being submitted to the portal today?
many bad/over used games in a single flash don't make it a good one, it just makes it longer (boring iow).
christmas theme was a good idea though

Controls agghhh

OMG, never ever make a game using WASD, mouse and space bar at the same time.


I found it...

rather horrible. The games are slow moving and the graphics aren't perfect.
Make the FPS higher.