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Reviews for "Xmas Game Collab 07"

I'll get straight to the point.

None of those games really had any redeeming qualities to them. Some were way too easy (ex the communist santa one) and a few were basically impossible (The chimeny one and the present catch).

I hope you can do better next time.


Very nice :D

i like these kind of games/movies made by many people ^_^ 5/5

FlukeDude responds:

Thank you very much. :)

This is under rated

Why ppl give such a bad score on reviews?

Very good for Xmas, even if the games ain't very well done them are fun enough and colab spirit is cool.

Good job m8s

FlukeDude responds:

Thank you. I have no idea why there are so many bad reviews. :/


you could have put a quit thingy on each game and probs had christmas music on all the games.....

anyway merry xmas to you and gratz on front page (lol a christmas game has a front page on the christmas day)

also wishing everyone a happy 2008

Fun Christmas Games

Forget the people below me, they're just grinches and mad that they didn't get any christmas presents. The games were small and entertaining for a little bit. Obviously your game wasn't that bad otherwise he wouldn't have taken the time to play each one and review each one.

Merry Christmas!

FlukeDude responds:

Lol. Yeah, a lot of harsh reviews there, completely ignoring the hours poured into this.