Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 1"


So the secret word Popsicle starts the mania?
Kewl. :)

Iv watched this EP 100 time ^__^ Not only do I love everything you do but I can relate to Alfred in a way . (dont ask how lol) If I had the cash to give id donate some to help you make more of this. I love Alfred and would love to see more of him. I personally like this style of animation over the other more detailed stuff because you get more of a dirty fucked up feeling from it. (in a good way) The best thing I like about Alfread is that hes honest and real. He wears his flaws on his shoulder and just lives life the best way he knows how. Like when he gashes his leg so ppl will pay attention to him, Because to him its the only way some one will show him any kindness. Thats some real shit. I really really hope you are still working on him :) You have inspired me to start doing my own animation. I dont think ill ever have what you have but I hope that some day I can do what you do artistically. I love Dirty animation like this and have basically seen all that is out there or worth watching and you take the cake. I really love the feeling you out into Alfred and THAT is what separates YOU from the rest. Any ways im ranting. I am a beginner animator just getting out there. If there is any tips you could give me id be Maga happy ^_^ Keep the feels Love a huge fan.

I just started watching your movies. They are the strangest things I seen in a while thank you and keep it up.

i found this back in 2008 and then forgot about it,
i just have to give this 5 stars for the effort alone but the disturbing psychological outlook of this character is surprisingly well done.