Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 1"

You wont let me out..

Look boys and girls its the candyman :D well first off I loved the love and second off I hated the hate and loved youre love in the hate of my loveing your hate, thanks for this cartoon

my god

its creepy as hell but yet i can't help but watch
you are true the evil of evils


this is a fantastic flash. It's so shocking and horrid in it's themes and delivery I'm really just left speechless in how much is going on here

seriously some good stuff, probably with more depth than I can even begin to wrap my head around.

Without a doubt...pure genius..

omg where to begin...the fact that you had the capacity to even begin to understand such madness (concerning the human mind) is indescribable...but to bring in a second party (the Fed-Ex guy) only to CONTRAST the madness from normal thought, showed true discipline in your portrayal for the insane...its almost as if you legitimized it all; due to the conditions. My hats off to you...truly this is the best of Newgrounds...FTW!!! 5/5!!


I.. I think... I think I want to go to sleep... and never wake up 0_0