Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 1"


you get a seven for oddness, you lost three stars for the hard to understandedness, not bad but could be improved, also not that funny just very strange


well the sounds wern't to bad XD however it felt tike an acid tirp the entire flash which just does not appeal to me what so ever the syle should be changed

... the Hell?

I bet if you watched this while on LSD the LSD and movie would cancel each other out and you'd get an actual movie.

What exactly was it about? I couldn't tell what was being said half the time, and the beginning song was too long.

it's whacky deniallllll

at alfred's playhouse!!!

Compdude, you take a popsicle up the ass.

That ruled. It reminded me of some of my worst nightmares... and my wildest dreams, too!

This guy deserves a Series Page!

Sloppy and annoying.

First, I can respect movies that delve into the surreal and push the envelope. But regardless of a movie's content, there must be signs of quality work in order to consider it of value. This movie, however, is just a sloppy, annoying mess. It's noise with no coherency - a forced attempt to be insane, and it doesn't work on any level.
First off, the voices are TERRIBLE. Not terrible as in scary, but very poorly done. There's too much breathing into the mic, and the voices are very inconsistent and immature.

The animation is also sloppy, which wouldn't be a huge issue considering the movie's demented tone. But, the animation is so random and disjointed, it gets to the point where any sort of crap is just thrown in in an attempt to be more funny/disturbing/whatever. I understand the concept of randomness in a movie, but it doesn't work here.

The song is poor too; it dragged on way too long, the lyrics were clumsy and stupid, and it was way overblown.

And as a whole, this whole movie was just too disjointed and haphazard to even be taken seriously at all. It goes on way too long, and in the end just ends up being really annoying.