Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 1"


I feel bad for Alfred...
My brain hurts....



Insanely funny

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. Your surreal style is really cool to watch. Voice acting was excellent, you do them yourself?

I want to see more of this. MOAR!!1

oh my stars

that was just

i mean i dont even

i want the song on mp3

Don't forget to wash between your ears

I found it quite disturbing, but I had to admire the amount of work you put in.

It kind of reminded me of all the fringe literature about brain washing centres where they destroy the subjects personality in order to construct a new one. Sustained abuse was supposed to be one of the tools for personality erasure

Maybe Alfred's Playhouse is the brainwashing centre for Toonland... very strange and original, but deeply unsettling on multiple levels. I think you have something unique here. But it aint for kids, that's for sure. Maybe you should add a warning before the start of the flash... just a thought.