Reviews for "Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 1"

you've done it

you've tapped into something that few people can find inside of themselves. the very darkest recesses of the mind are on display here, and yet it all comes across as being oddly light and funny.

it's hard to describe, really. many people would look at this and believe it to be just sheer randomness, and maybe in some ways the elements that work here might have been unplanned at the time you made them. but I believe that there is a lot more at play here, even if it comes down to just sheer artistic instinct. I look forward to seeing where those instincts take you in the future.


I love Alfred,Pickle,candy man and every one so funny it isnt crazy to me =D ad the theme was cool =3


Im not gonna pretend that i understood that but I think i just failed a sanity test


i feel 50% more retarded after watching this

Oh wow..

Somehow I relate to and understand this. It's like hearing someone say something that expresses a thought you didn't have the words for..except the thought is a jumbled dream that is now a flash.. and you remember it..and you don't want to, and it's beautiful. O_O Beau.. jesus.