Reviews for "MarcyVF's New Grounds"

Love it

thats was funny!
good jobe!=)

Pretty good

...but why were you pretending to type on the desk? That was just awkward and distracting haha. And I think you should have used your own voice, I mean it's supposed to be about you not your friend.
I liked it though.


tht was kwl. Animation wasnt quite as good as Adam Awesome's but your hand talking thing was funny.

p.s. fyi dnt think you sounded as aweosme saying "What's your newgrounds?" as AA did

how funny

that was a really shitty funny thing i love it

Still pretty nice.

Although a lot of people seemed to have been doing these submission lately I can definatly see why. The entertainment in these types of submissions are really quite jam packed and to be honest, it really is a good thing that came through the portal. There isn't much for graphics, but the ng graphics were really well done. A good submission, even with this same type of style.