Reviews for "MarcyVF's New Grounds"

come to think of it

tommyvf completely copied this

MarcyVF responds:

lol I completely copied allen awesome. but this is ancient by now. let's all watch something else :)

Right now I wish I could draw. LACK OF SKILL!!!

I've always wanted to make a my newgrounds, but I'm more of a music maker than anything. I can't draw and can't animate for crap. Well, I take that back, I can animate, but I just can't draw!

To : land0lakes From : JackImpossible

I use a Mac too. I also like this video!!!!!

cool animation

haha i have alredy beat your score at tetris: level 10 and 170 lines, beat that!!!


what animation program do you use i need a good one (or great) please tell me or one you recomend