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Reviews for "Icescape"

i wonder if anyone has this problem but..

i can't click on the laptop even after i completed both generator minigames and i can't go back to the storage room after i exit...great game though...there should be an option to save your food for later =D


I was hoping the alien would look more demon mutated like, Not a normal boring alien, I'm disapointed.


Great game ^.^, could use a little elaboration on the story line however... And I noticed that if you just wait around before you use the gun and do nothing, nothing happens.. kind of unrealistic, heh..
The mini games were a little strange but good nevertheless. They were difficult to figure out but thats the way puzzles should be :). The fuse minigame could have had a bit more detailed instructions however.. Me wasn't sure how you were supposed to win even when I did finally win.
Final note, 4 achievements were linked into one (The room), which is kinda silly. So perhaps not having thigns so bundled up in that room would be goodly ^.^
Great game :D:D! Can't wait for the sequel!

Awsome game dude

It was an a awsome game, and it kreepd me out when i saw da alien, but it was awsome overall
And, the only problem is, THAT TEH MINIGAMES HAVE SO LITTLE TIME!!!!
When u do da sequal u should give more times to teh minigames, cuz its annoying, cuz when ur goin 2 make it, the time goes out
so please do that, and im waitin 4 a sequal, nice job there!


Great grafics, cool atmosfere, it wasn´t hard but it took me a few tries to complete tough... damn safe!

it was so sensitive that i almost gave up, then i just realised that it was easier when the pointer is far from the center, and finished it without problems.

Good game, keep up the good work