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Reviews for "Icescape"

There is no ending if you don't take the gun lol. Otherwise Great game.

Good game! PEOPLE! The safe mini game is possible!! You guys just suck at this game!

The safe is impossible with the given time, the pressure box keeps saying I failed even when i have all the parts in place, same for the fuse box. All connections made yet every time: You failed.

Would be a good game if it weren't for the safe. Most people ragequit there... ever thought of reuploading the game with a simpler version of the safe combination? It's really, really hard to time up to it and it's rather frustrating. So much it can ruin every other piece of good work you've done with the game so far...

Graphics are great. Game play is fun, but the tumbler lock has driven me nuts! I think my psychomotor speed isn't apt enough to beat this game. :/