Reviews for "Constant struggle"


that was crazzy!?!?!?!

the only thing was that the song with the stringed instument had one part playing in a different key =[
didnt make musical sense ='[

but yep, the animation ROKED!

wer'd u get the idea? lol

RobTop responds:

Thank you =) Well we got the idea from a picture one of the TO drew of a landscape, and in it there was a mountain with another flipped mountain on top. From there the story just unravelled.


gorefest, uh maybe cause its a cartoon... anyway, that was great good work, i liked the choice of music


Ha! liked the ending, and that evil bird. But how did he get a scope on a shotgun, then to only to use the ironsights later?

enjoyed watching it!

I'm not sure about the title. It was a struggle for the man, but his struggle reached an end. His was not constant. I guess the constant struggle was for the entire group of people there, but we never met the other people. Could the struggle be for the bird? Constantly struggling to land somewhere without getting shot down? Interesting. I enjoyed the land reveal, after questioning the actions with the weights.