Reviews for "a very clock-ish x-mas"


taht was good, even if a small flash. but make next one with alot longer theme, and many singing there

Your yearly performance review... sorta...

Ice Block (1), YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF!!! This was AWESOME!!! And I'm glad you got in Shmghead and Saltshaker. 'Cause, really, those two, you, and aListers are the coolest Clocks I've Ever met. Merry Christmas, you four!

it was good but

my B was it short! try to put more into it next christmas!


It's OK but a little short and yea like bluewolf said, the strawberry should fire the cannon. lol. Other than that it's not bad!


It was alright, and all. The one thing I would have liked to see: strawberry clock firing the cannon at the screen. Just feels lacking, but hey, it passed judgment, so it's not that bad.