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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


a one handed guy is kicking ass although i couldnt get passed the ass that has the big ax i just gave up but other than that i loved it! the music was pretty boring as well as the graphics but i didnt notice until i couldnt beat him so maybe im pissed

Lol fun..

The game was fun, and the story was... different. You should pay more attention to character design though, during the game you had an arm when you looked left and when you looked right, therefore one armed bob has 2 arms O.o


It was fun but I got really frustrated by the movement system (can you not turn when attacking?) and how I kept getting pushed off cliffs. The axe guys were really annoying too.

Fun and Challenging but,

The game was fun i'll admit, i think the one arm thing was made for lack of skills, but it was challenging and i enjoyed the few minutes i spent on it, but what really frustrated me is when you can't attack when they're really close. And i agree, a block button would have helped.

thedo12 responds:

well there are many two aremd people in the game, the one armed thing actualy started when I acidently only drew one arm for his running animtion.

4/5 and 8/10

Very hard but extremeley fun. The graphics looked pretty simple but the backrounds need a little work on. The gameplay is fun and thwe controls are simple but maybe there cuold of been a block button?

thedo12 responds:

yeah, bout the backgrounds, im more of a character artist ...... al of thoose trees, shrubs ect:
were all first attempts.