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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

thats a great job

great but not perfect, ill point out the negatives first:

1)back dash but no forward dash?

2)even with one arm you can still block

3)saving system could use improvements.


1)SKILL! for once its not a "hold down attack for victory" type game

2) art work was cool, could still use a few improvements though, and the blood was nice

3)FUN! very fun man

keep up the good work

Its a start..

The game play was basically really hard for anyone to play, especially for a guy with just 1 arm. Though what I liked about the game is that their was 2 different kind of slashes, though their a back dash...? Besides the fact the back dash had no help with me what so ever, this game is kind of fun.

The art and graphics were not my liking, just take more time to do it, better then getting a bad review saying "this fucking sucks!!!". The blood on which it appears on the guys you kill were awesome. Though when you slash at one of the enemy's, it sometimes misses for me when I'm running at them, when i use "c"

Also i would like to add that you did well with the health potions, those were a big help, though they did increased the health bar... Also wtf the rage gauge for? I see no use of it at all. It justs builds up. The save button is also a issue, if you die you end up back in the checkpoint, but like you said when you die, "if you click menu, all progress will be loss", why can't you add a save button, so when we have to get off a bit and comeback on we can play your wonderful game again.

Their also a other thing I like to add. Even with "1" arm he can still block attacks. It be wonderful if you added a block feature.

Hope this goes alright!

not great

not great they can hit you when most of the time your in the middle of them and have to dash over and over again just to get one slice at someone. nice graphics though.

Its ok

This game is ok. The gameplay is quite repetative and boring and half the time dash and attack doesn't work or takes too long to activate. The animation and stuff was pretty good. The sounds were also ok. You just need to work a lot on the gameplay.


Pretty good

But not great
There are some things that are wrong with it
Like when I attack with the heavy attack, or attacking in general, they don't flich
I know the back dash is there for a reason but I digress
Have then flich to heavy attacks and I can call this a good game