Reviews for "Something About Us (Bugg Mix)"

Great track

You did a really good job of making this track your own. I fucking love it. 10 stars, 5/5.

BuggMusic responds:

Thank you so much, this means a lot, it really does!

Loved it! =)

Good work dude. It's not very often I hear a remix to Daft Punk that sounds good but I definitely enjoyed this one. I'm looking for tracks to play at the store I work at for graveyard and this is definitely going on there =D. Keep it up!

BuggMusic responds:

It's very flattering that you think this is a good DP remix! Haha, I read that completely wrong as: "I'm looking for tracks to play at the graveyard." and I was like that's freaking awesome, but the truth it still cool too :D Thanks for the review!

A worthy Daft Punk song remix.

I have loved Daft Punk's Discovery album for a decade now, and this is one of the few fan remixes of "Something About Us" that I actually like. I might go a little far and say that I actually LOVE this fan remix. Great job on making this. I would love to see what you can do with "High Life," "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," "Digital Love," "Short Circuit," and "Face to Face" in the near future (that is, if you do decide to make fan remixes of them). Keep up the good work!

BuggMusic responds:

Thanks for the love :D

I did do a remix of Digital Love, but I am ashamed of it as I don't feel as though I made it up to the standard of the original. I may give some of the others a go, but remixing complicated vocal tracks without acapellas and remix stems is very difficult. Thanks for the review :)


abvsolutly amazing! :D

BuggMusic responds:

thanks :)

After listening to this remix, there is nothing have to say really. Good job.
Your remix so clean & nice. I just see now this track and wanna say; keep this good work =)

BuggMusic responds:

Thanks! :)