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Reviews for "It's a Halo Thing"

it's like South park version?

i guess

HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! (too busy laughing his head off to make an witty comments). HAHAHAHAAAA!!!

I thought this was a collab at first. It just seemed too big not to be one. The wipes made it look like one. I knew Master Chef would kill that guy at the beginning. I've never played the games, but I understand what's going on. I've just heard this thing referenced so many times!

I'm glad to be familiar with the terminology. I at least recognize the actual halo and the Covenant. The characters look like they're from "South Park". The ones with visible eyes at least. The animation's still great.

Hahahahaha this was sadly accurate!

Being a huge fan of Halo: CE, this was comedy gold.

I literally died at the last scene. XD