Reviews for "Crossing the Pit"


race car was funny as hell :P


that was sooo funny. make more with more choices!

Pretty simple, well executed

Pretty simple concept, the lines and shapes were pretty crisp and well drawn. I found myself laughing are them since the it was well executed. I normally don't like stick figure animations, but this was really good. Keep up the good work and good luck animating.

not too bad

pretty funny and nice animation ( for stick men) well done.

Simple yet effective!

It was very simple, but that just means that you stayed within your limitations and didn't get anything wrong. I hate it when someone trys to make apocalypse now on their first go, their movies shit and they're waiting for praise and you don't know where to look. The sounds worked fantastically, the character moved well, your comic timing was good, and I laughed! OUT LOUD!! I believe you can do better... flash me again puffballs! Flash me harder! Sorry... just make another movie... too much beer