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Reviews for "Panterrorist Christmas"


Pretty good holiday game and I enjoyed it. Nice intro also. Needs a little more sound, like sound effects and fx. The music fit together perfectlt though.


The game was pretty basic yet strangelly addictive.
The graphics were pretty average.
The sound was great! :D
The controls were alright.

What can i say?
Improve on the graphics and add in something a litle bit more inovative and youl be getting somewhere.


is good but it was pretty simple

its good but it gits old

it has the xmas thang going for it its fun for a wile but you cold mix it up some like bikes and teddy bears dols just to shake it up a bit

It's OK....

Good game, very often used concept though... with a seriously twisted plot. My suggestions:
1. "Skip Intro" Button
2. Faster Frame Rate
3. Watch a few cartoons to learn some better animation