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Reviews for "vector-a-voider"

nice try but

You need to remove 90% of the levels in stage1 and add the type of levels you had in stage 2. Only reason I even played to get to stage2 was because you could cheat. The stage1 levels are soooooo boring, and on top of it you make players go through them TWICE.
Only thing I liked was the graphics. I started to like the game a bit on stage2, but then the game ended. So overall this is pretty generic and not good mouse avoider and you obviously didnt put much effort into this (3 days aint enough dude).

rather good

i found this rather entretaining


This game is hard but addicting.


it was ok


Mouse avoider games are really dull. You have a mouse, and you move it along so your pointer doesn't touch any lines. They're hardly ever anything exciting or intriguing. I did, however, enjoy the bright green on black with the little blue cursor- but it's nothing fancy, and nothing worth taking up space on this server. It isn't broken- but it isn't anything anyone who doesn't know you wants to play anytime soon.