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Reviews for "vector-a-voider"


I cant get past level 4!:(

pretty good

I have played other pointer-maze games...or whatever they are called, and this by far was the best out of them. But there is still a small glitch...you know, where you click and hold the mouse and it can go through walls...you should probably find out a way to be able to stop that...oh well, it was still pretty good


You've got a pretty good game, but some of your collision detection does not work, and the music can be a bit much at times. Good job with your game.

pretty, but needs more

needs more levels and moving objects and stuff to make it different from all the other mouse avoider games out there. Also, this has that glitch where if you hold the mouse down you can pass over walls


Great game, I never get tired of these. I really like the effect on the mouse. Just one thing I noticed, you typo'd Instructions at the start.