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Reviews for "NYAN CAT [8bit]"

omg i love nyan cat

my favorrriiiteeeeeeee song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over 90000000000000000000/10

God bless you Nyancat!

I could listen to this sweet and upbeat song all day. Especially this sweet NES arangement of this cute little Jingle.





Thanks for helping me discover a kitty. :D

Thought I'd also add a little reply...
@Lightriku: In defense of Bunnymajs, he stated in his discription that he made it because he liked it. I wouldn't go presuming that he did it to gain popularity, or anything of the sort. Have you listened to any of his other music? Its rediculous, the amount of genius that is in those songs.

As for all the stuff you said about fads, that's BS. In addition, the fact that this song will fade in popularity is a generalization. All songs do. All things will. Its called history. Just thought I'd put things in perspective.

Bunnymajs responds:

Thank you kind ser! :)

Nyan cat?

Don't get me wrong, I've gone to the site that counts how long you listen to it and listened for longer than I should, it's a catchy song and a fun meme, but it's just that, a meme. In a few years, this will be as forgotten as Chocolate Rain, Rick Roll, and that remix with Kirby doing falcon punches. It's fun and all, but I didn't really need an 8-bit remix, especially since in a few years, it'll be forgotten once the fad passes. It bothers me when artists take advantage of a fad like this and it gets stupidly popular just because people recognize it as related to the fad, when in truth, it isn't as funny or amusing as the fad itself, and will forgotten just like the fad it draws it's popularity from. In the meantime, people mindlessly vote it up while the fad is still popular, just to be part of the fad, and it takes attention away from songs of real value. There are tons of great songs on Newgrounds that show immense talent of their creators. What makes your silly little 8-bit remix of a fad song worthy of taking attention from those songs? It shows no creativity; you got the melody from the Nyan Cat meme. It shows no talent; you just took a popular song and replaced the instruments with 8-bit ones. Sure the end product is mildly amusing, but it isn't as amusing as the original concept (heck, it doesn't even have the cat meowing, or the amusing gif), and in the end it will be forgotten, having accomplished nothing other than to draw attention away from real talent. People can go ahead and rate my review useless because I didn't conform to the fad, but I love Nyan cat just as much as anyone here, I'm just trying to put things in perspective.

Bunnymajs responds:

Oh right.. so Mr. iGotaStickupMyass,
Tho i agree with you to some point, i have to say..
Who gives a shit? really?
I make music as a hobby, just like everyone else on this site. I make original music, which allot of people totally like. And i FOR ONCE(!) Decide to make a cover, in like ten minutes.. just for my own amusement and not for any sort of popularity contest, and i get bashed on?
That doesnt seem about right in my head. I dont know if you even checked out any other of my songs, but to me it seems you just called me talentless and your just making yourself look butt hurt, man..