Reviews for "Dinok"

Very nice.

Someone might take off points for the lackluster graphics, but it was very nice. The abilities that each dino had were pretty creative. You should probably give Bruno a jump of some sorts, though.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Yeah, the graphics I know are a bit plain. Especially the majority of the platforms you walk on. I did try to put a bit more effort into the area backgrounds... but the only one I really ended up liking the results of is the tarpit back-drop.

Also, as far as Bruno being able to jump... I am somewhat doubtful that a multi-ton creature like a brachiosaur had that particular ability back in the day. Of course... Bruno could actually fly with one of the cheats that can be found in the game... so I guess I shouldn't be bringing up the realm of possibility on that one...
Thanks for the review.

Very Good!

I love it, just the right game to sit back and have some fun. It's very addictive and you can spend lots of time playing it. I absolutely love it.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Thanks. I did try to make it fun, and maybe a bit rewarding what with the puzzle-solving aspects and what-not. The fact that you can't really die or hit "game over" also makes it a bit friendlier game.

Thanks for the review.

what are the cheats i know these ones

icheater to open the cheat menu and i know maxboost,upupandaway and gimmefruit could you tell me any more?

P.S i asome game

P.SS if there are any more..

smokinjoeevil responds:

"manhandle" - allows you to pick up the cavemen, drag them around and drop them using the mouse.
"redo" - makes a button appear that allows you to reset any screen to its original configuration. As stated before, this can be somewhat dangerous if you have some characters on one side of a wall or door and others you need to open it are not.
"missile" - This one is undocumented in the game. It causes a missile turret to rise in the bottom corner of the HUD, and when you press the blinking button on it, it fires a missile that targets a random caveman on-screen (if there is one) and blows him to smithereens.

Hard but Fun

Interesting, very difficult, and it makes you think!

i got stuck-

at the part wit tha rope and the boared and over tha water wit tha big rope