Reviews for "Dinok"


Pretty cool. I got stuck on the third room with the grapes. :(
Grundzot is awesome.


This is quite ok but better if there are cheats for grundzot................

what are the cheats i know these ones

icheater to open the cheat menu and i know maxboost,upupandaway and gimmefruit could you tell me any more?

P.S i asome game

P.SS if there are any more..

smokinjoeevil responds:

"manhandle" - allows you to pick up the cavemen, drag them around and drop them using the mouse.
"redo" - makes a button appear that allows you to reset any screen to its original configuration. As stated before, this can be somewhat dangerous if you have some characters on one side of a wall or door and others you need to open it are not.
"missile" - This one is undocumented in the game. It causes a missile turret to rise in the bottom corner of the HUD, and when you press the blinking button on it, it fires a missile that targets a random caveman on-screen (if there is one) and blows him to smithereens.


Very creative. I'm quite impressed. The gameplay is addictive! The only thing I dislike is the switching of the dinos so damn often.

p.s. the green guy jumps.

smokinjoeevil responds:

The funny thing about the green dino jumping is that I wrestled around with whether or not he should at least have a small jump in the game... I gave it to him for testing purposes for the most part, to make it easier to get through some places... then I simply forgot to take it out... then it grew on me. But yeah, I did forget to change the initial descriptions of their abilities to account for that fact... thanks for the review!

nod bad

I only gave you a 7 because i found the music repetative and i found the dinos to move too slow.

Nice concept, good looks would be great if you make it sound better and give the dinos a bit more speed.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Relative to their size I thought their speeds were appropriate... but it wouldn't hurt the gameplay any if they moved a bit faster I suppose... and it would probably make it a faster play-through, which may keep people's attention better.

Abtwat, thanks for the review.