Reviews for "Dinok"

too many glitches and bugs O.o still good gameplay but could be better

The game is absolutely brilliant. Of course, it has its flaws, but I just couldn't take out even half a star.
The cooperation that is required to finish the story, the setting, overall gameplay, the graphics, the music - it's all those things that build a decent piece of videogame.
My kids love it. We played for many hours until we got into the final room. It took us a while to come up with a solution.
Grundzot is my boys' favourite game character.
If you ever wondered if there's a reason to make Dinok 2, please remember my review. There are at least 3 persons in the world, that wait for it:)
So, thank you for your work, bye.

i got stuck-

at the part wit tha rope and the boared and over tha water wit tha big rope

good but really difficult

how on earth are u meant 2 get past the room where there is a guy in a cape sendin oders to slaves 2 kill u,cos dere is no doors to get out of!!!!!

i am really confused so if u can tell me plz do!!! Also the missile does not work on him.

p.s i was wondering if by any chance there is or will be a "dinok 2"

smokinjoeevil responds:

That dude in the "cape" is the end boss, and to kill him, you have to set fire to the boxes using Grundzot's fire-breath, load them into the catapults, and then launch them at Mr. Man. You do this until he dies. And the little henchmen spear-chuckers are there just to make a mess of things while you're trying.

As far as "Dinok 2", I hadn't really thought about it. I've mostly moved on to other things, and this didn't really receive attention enough to warrant going down that road. People who took the time to play it seemed to have liked it well enough... but I think the subject matter is just too tame for many. Which means it's not a crowd-pleaser, and probably not worth my time invested in it if it isn't going to provide me some gain back.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the review. Glad you stuck with it and got so far into the game! Sorry the boss battle solution wasn't more apparent.

Hard but Fun

Interesting, very difficult, and it makes you think!