Reviews for "TD: Destroy the Toy"


too bad thier is hardly a choise between towers, and no interest!

Darn great!

Having seen this game come to life from the very beginning I think that the team put an excellent amount of work and devotion into this game and deserve and applause.
Yes it may or may not be "original" but I can see this as being just the beginning of a fantastic new game and I will DEFINITELY look forward to keeping updated with their new to come games.

Thanks a lot guys!

10 stars out of 10

i think the game is cool and i love its realy easy to play!!!!!!!!!!

Fun game i like it

I like TD's and this one was very fun and enjoyable. It could have had more types of enemies though and flying types not every 5 lvls but every 3 or something. i managed to get to lvl 14 before dieing and i noticed that it got hard quite quickly. never the less it is a great game.

Real nice/addictive

Very nice, it's a real nice game. Needs better graphics and more money:P
And needs warnings.
Very Good Job

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