Reviews for "TD: Destroy the Toy"

Darn great!

Having seen this game come to life from the very beginning I think that the team put an excellent amount of work and devotion into this game and deserve and applause.
Yes it may or may not be "original" but I can see this as being just the beginning of a fantastic new game and I will DEFINITELY look forward to keeping updated with their new to come games.

Thanks a lot guys!

Nothing new

Nothing new really and the snow is very distracting. Over all it's boring.


This game is far from original.


too bad thier is hardly a choise between towers, and no interest!

ok game

This game was ok. I lost the first round because I couldn't figure out how to build a tower, and by then, it was almost over. The game would have looked a LOT better if there wasn't a blizzard background. It would have looked neater, and I understand that you may have wanted to stick with the seasonal aspect of the game. But, it doesn't mean you can blind your viewers with a blizzard background. There were no instructions as to how you are supposed to play the game, which would have helped also.