Reviews for "TD: Destroy the Toy"


A smooth and simple game. The music is great as well, but it coould use some optimization, filesize is way bigger than it needs to be. Anyhow, keep up the good work!


Needs some tweaks...

Heres my list!

-1. Have a warning saying "first wave starts in 10 seconds".
-2. Give the option to change the backgroumd.
-3. Give us more money.
-4. Add a help screen to show begginers how to play.

I think it took alittle too long to get money and the background started to hurt my eyes after a while. And level 11 is alittle too hard too.
Other than that, it was a pretty good game. Hope to se a sequel! >_<


good game i guess.. but needs more grpahics :) 5/5 on rating but 7/10 on review...

Fun game i like it

I like TD's and this one was very fun and enjoyable. It could have had more types of enemies though and flying types not every 5 lvls but every 3 or something. i managed to get to lvl 14 before dieing and i noticed that it got hard quite quickly. never the less it is a great game.

The biggest waste of my time

It's very addicting to play this game once you start. But I will NEVER play this game again. It sucks to have a crappy game hold my attention for more than 30 minutes and hate every minute of it. It was slow, it was boring, the music sucks, and it yet somehow I kept playing it. I can't emphesize how much I hate addicting games that SUCK. I am thinking to myself, I want to so something else because this game SUCKS but I want to finish this game first!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THIS GAME?!?! IT FREAKING TURNED ME INTO A ZOMBE!!!