Reviews for "TD: Destroy the Toy"

3/5 and 7/10

- Good stuff -
The script was very good, couldn't find any glitches/lagging. It was a simple but effective TD. Also the sound was better than most.

- Bad stuff -
There's no sound when killing an enemy which could be a great addition to the flash, it's a bit unoriginal mostly because there have been two other TD games (both sequels) inlcuding toys.

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It's a very basic TD game. The graphics look very simple but I think there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't always have to be "superb", a little "simple-style" is all right from time to time ;) .

I like the setting of the game with the enemies being mutant toys. That is very original, even for a TD game, as most of those games have to do with aliens and something like that.

The lack of sound hurts this movie, as you've wasted great potential here. It would be great if the enemies made some sounds (e.g. when dying) and some music would've been good, too.

The choice of turrets and the upgrades are ok, I don't think that you need to add more upgrades or turrets into this. The idea with the mines is very original, too. At least I haven't seen anything like that in a TD game before ;) .

Overall it's a decent game with lots of potential.

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An enjoyable TD game

Tower Defense games are usually good and yours wasn't diferent. The graphics were nice. The music was good. The towers were cool, although some towers looked a lot like each other, confusing us sometimes. The idea isn't very original: I've seen more creative TD games, with more towers, upgrades, maps etc... but the enemies are a little more original. I've never seen a toy-themed TD game. They're usually about aliens of the "World War III"

One thing that isn't very good is the way the game starts. The enemies start coming from out of nowhere, and sometimes they escape and you end up losing one live or two. You should give us a small time after you click "Play Game" to set up our first towers.

There was a point in the game that I destroyed every single enemy right in the beginning of the maze. You should make the game harder, or maybye add level seetings, because the game got very easy after about 15 waves.

Here's a list of things that can be improved on this game: diferent maps, levels seetings, individual upgrades for each aspect of the tower, more variety of towers, more variety of enemies and some sounds.

This game has a lot of potential. If you work a little harder on it I'm sure it'll be a great game.

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Cool game

I liked this, despite the lack of sound for the game itself, it is a lovely little game.

I wasn't too happy with the way that the enemies suddenly became really difficult to deal with at Level 9 - I'd not even lost a life up until then and all of a sudden, my defenses are breached and I cannot stem the flow of life away from me :(

Still, the graphics are quite simple - maybe a piece of animation is needed for when you lose - the enemy that killed you runs up and does something nasty and terminal to the Teddy Bear?

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Real nice/addictive

Very nice, it's a real nice game. Needs better graphics and more money:P
And needs warnings.
Very Good Job

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