Reviews for "TD: Destroy the Toy"

Sorry, but many problems

First thing i noticed, there is a level glitch, i was playing first at an easy level, i reloaded the game, and then when i opened i found toys are just running too fast and i didn't even have time to put defense line, and then i clicked play again to find an army of train like things that didn't get destroyed except 1 that got destroyed after i gave up all my money on towers, and another problem is the disappearance of towers after a while, despite the fact the toys are not attacking them, and the music is really annoying and the game isn't original and nothing in it improves the known one, sorry man, needs lot of work...

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Ok need work

Now I enjoyed the game, but the start was way too easy & it's an exact copy of games that have been here before.

The graphics are nothing to write home about, you need to have everything nice & shiny if you wanna do a game in the same style as have been done before.

The sound was loud but suited the type of game, good choice on that from, I couldn't hear any explosions or anything to indicate that I'd destroyed anything either. Also a little more indication about changing round would also be good, in sound or a graphic.

Overall the game play runs well, but just seems to lack that killer spark it needed. But a good game, just need improving.

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Quite Unoriginal

I've seen this idea done before and pretty much in the same manner, though that aside, the flash itself plays pretty well although I had a problem with the dart tower not fireing at the enemies, that might be something you want to fix, also the boulder tower works too quick making it the only tower you need for the start, have a reload time to add some challange at the start.

The animation is fine and the music is good to, although the path could do with some work and maybe a little more attention to some of the details, though not a great deal of major problems in this, pretty good work alround.



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A cheap knock-off of Bloons Tower Defense.

This game, overall, seems like a copy of Bloons Tower Defence.

I found the slant towards statistics and unlimited upgrades made for a slight change, but really - there's not enough to distinguish it.

The graphics aren't great. The big advertisement on the bottom makes the whole thing seem overly cheap and the rough red line over the speaker and the simplistic graphics (with darts/rock towers being easy to mix up) don't really don't help. Regardless, my main issue is with the game mechanics.

After a while, I really found I had enough money to just buy enough turrets, with a healthy supply of gold building up. You obviously need to balance the numbers.
It seems that the levels are 'procedurally generated'. I'd suggest that you take a step back, consider some ways to distinguish your effort a bit more from Bloons', then balance the numbers to avoid easy stockpiling later on.

One other issue I have with the game is the lack of any info about what stats your building will have when its upgraded. I did like the fact that stats were displayed, but you need to follow through and show them for upgrades too. Also, maybe explain the '5' and '7' for speed. The range is presumably a radius, the damage clearly a linear number, but how does speed work?

I think you need to do a lot of work and a fair bit more thinking before it's more than just a cheap knock-off.

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Very Original TD

Graphics/Animation: 6
The drawings were very simple in this game, not too much detail but that's not what I'm so converned about because sometimes it's more about the game than how the game looks. This is one of those cases. The major plus was that the game ran really smooth and I had no problems at all with lagging, no matter how many different towers I had firing at once. The tower drawings were alright, but in this day and age you have to have superpowers and all kinda of upgrades to make everything look better to really impress your audience. I'm not saying you didn't impress me or anyone else, I'm saying for a much higher score your drawing details have to be ridiculous. Nice job though.

Audio: 5
You had music that pretty much went along with the theme of your game which got you points, but the problem was....no sound effects. You guys had something awesome going with this game, but to get a much higher voting score there's got to be some types of sounds going on either when you kill something, your towers are firing, or both. But at least make one of the sounds happen. To make this perfect with sound effects there would need to be building sound, towers firing sounds, enemies dying, and then on top of that the music. I'm not saying its such a simple task, all I'm trying to say is that is what you need to do for a high voting score. Needs work, but you can definitely pull it off.

Gameplay: 8
As much as the graphics and sound were low in their respective scoring areas, your Gameplay category really lifted your score up a lot. Not only did everything run smooth, but this was a better and more simple version of a lot of todays tower games. Sometimes it isn't all about complication in games, even though it helps, but about replay value. I played this game for quite a while before I realized I actually had to review it. The only thing you really need is different types of towers and sound effects and they would make this game so much better. But awesome job with this game, I really enjoyed it!

Originality: 6
You made a tower defense game, and unfortunately your originality score has to go down for that reason...just because there are so many already out there. Although what held you up was your different version of a tower defense game, which was toys during the Christmas season. I thought it was pretty creative!

Overall: 8/10
I know my scores don't add up to an 8/10, but I scored it the way I did because you are a talented group of flash artists and I think that you can come out with something really good sometime in the near future. Awesome job with this game everyone and I'm looking forward to seeing the next one you come out with!

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